About us

We are Roos and Toon van Wijck, be married and got 2 children, Kevin and Wendy.
All of us loves our dogs.

Toon's father and mother have breed for 25 year with Schnauzers. They got one Riesenschnauzer and 5 Mittle Schnauzers.
The kennelname 'van het Leysenven', who my parents got, is named by a park about 100 meters from our house.

Roos her parents got different breeds, including German Sheperds.

When our daughter Wendy was born, it was better don't take any animals in the house because Wendy had Cara.
When she was on the age of 8 year, there were no problems more and we have tried with a dog.
Wendy was so very happy and we search on the Internet. So we have found a Keeshond Black.
This litter was on a farm and when we saw the little one, we are all of us in love.
We have called her 'Gina' and she doesn't have a pedigree

After 3 year Roos said: I really like a Keeshond and I would like one.

So we search on the Internet again and we came in the district Overijssel. There we have buyed our Keeshond,
'Kyra' and 'Kyra do have a pedigree.

Some people said to us that we should go with 'Kyra' to some shows.
We have had a lot of fun at the show so we were going often to shows.

Roos & Toon
Kyra, Gina & Ayla
Roos & Toon
Kyra, Ayla & Gina

In the year 2008 we said to eachother: we would like another Keeshond girl.
With 'Kyra' we have bred a litter and from that litter we have hold a girl and that is our 'Ayla'.

We were looking for a stud dog and so we have met Gerdie Hegemann. 'Kyra' is mated with her stud 'Nelly's Ury'.
A litter was born of 8 puppies: 5 boys and 3 girls.

'Ayla' was different times at the show and she did her best together with Michaela Weyna form Kennel 'Nelly's out Germany who has showed her for us.

You can find us on shows in the future.

Since 27th of July 2009 we do have the Kennelname 'van het Leysenven' .

If you have questions, please Contact us. We will do our best to help you.

Best regards

Roos and Toon van Wijck